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tv   RT News  PBS  March 2, 2014 5:00pm-5:31pm PST

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of our. though. every year you will will will will will the eye. the oed gives caloric the head of the ukrainian naval forces pledges allegiance to the crime and people were forced to keep bringing troops stationed on the peninsula have joined local defense grapes. we'd like to thank the officers his jc to bait the orders of the digits and although it's nice. this is a truly historic day. the system from here the spreading across the south east of ukraine the protests of the thousands that is against the far right nationalist taking up alot of syndicate and as we seldom use diplomatic sword planting but
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as with the united states is deadly clashes in caracas and beyond. see washington accused of shooting the trouble. and it was a true christian creed patrols the streets of london. maybe it was held to aggressive islam the kitchen the local community has paid its actually something religious base stories and the lake this is the week the bomb on the international. he can wander of ukraine's naval forces has pledged his allegiance to the crimean people. it follows reports that ukrainian troops stationed in the peninsula but either quitting would jointly court defense groups on less effectively putting the authorities in crimea the tantric buddies were freshman has more. on sunday the challenge of ukraine's naval force pledged his
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allegiance to cry means people swearing to strictly comply with the orders to the supreme command to all the economists region. mr berry's ok was appointed to the space by the country's new authorities or analysis of the day off set the previous come monday had resigned all the necessary patriots were signed by ukraine self proclaimed president of the stairs to achieve this the lease and two will face an experienced officer had to say exactly the identity of those cases where a lead of the people of the atonement republic of korea me and the recipients of us still but i swear industry to comply with orders of supreme commander of creamy yet and the commanders of military units and approved by him and little quiet months of near through collisions. i swear to our blog for a mere three uni and then to live in freedom of the residents of creamy antecedents of us still play. also hearing that the ukraine and the victory station he and the crimea had stopped its collection on maps their allegiance to
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the regional authorities for their crime is crime is to claim control on day two of these ministries security and all other services here in the region and today we heard an official statement from mr trip to oregon or marketed to just go with it today on mars and twenty fourteen on it issued an order. i made my order. none of the ukrainian naval forces stationed in contrast the pope to debate any decisions oldest even by the snow kind of minorities in ukraine including those of the illegally appointed defence minister. in moscow and st any orders to use on until one special instruction book to come on holiday last week. or does she find me as the commander in chief of the autonomous republic of crimea and the state's use of basketball. it was immediately conveyed his order to lessen our ukrainian naval forces stationed in saddam's fall. i'd like to thank all the offices has chosen to place the orders of
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religious authorities. this is a truly historic day meanwhile in hearing from crying these officials that the situation he on the peninsula is not told to be on to take control and under the control of how we know them here. so called self defense force made up of locals who are working in college a nation regional police we see these people here on the streets of the capital sin from one another to cry in the institutes that patrolling streets day and night and not only protecting governmental paintings of strategic areas but actually all the sea taste. hundreds of tibetans were here now is that the authorities in kiev that this was the commander of ukraine's navy following his pledge of allegiance to crimea. so before the government has accused him of treason and named the new head of the navy. we must assist people in crimea who refuse to recognize the new government in kiev the wave of protests is spreading across the southeast of the country to auntie's nineteen fifty reports of cocoa which is in the east of ukraine
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certainly the division and a guide to reach the area was talking about was up very easily tentatively on saturday when the pro russian activists and those for not supporting the new authorities in kenya have a class with the so called activists of the europe wide on the war. securing the local administrative they managed to get inside the administration and put a russian flag on the sofa but there have been reports of tear gas fumes and scores of injured at the official line in haifa that more than a hundred people were brought to hospitals with different sorts of injuries walks were flying a sticks and bacon's or use the games page episode was pretty pretty violent yet i pretty much the same story has been happening or will they be known as the wind is an autobot. along the same time the line was happening in many other cities in the study craig in the studio then yesterday that the gospel god's many other cities ending its praises this is also one of the largest sees the national center on ukraine to the people of poetics and not to trust the authorities in kiev and they even called on a referendum to be out in
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the news future to decide the future of the whole region right now is pretty much quiet but i just listened to one of the activists of the year of my time talking each year from the states that all ukrainian flags must be reinstated on all governmental buildings and a local news station buildings in the east of the country where this all might go nobody knows it's pretty much about the jack and we are done so they don't know what to expect in the nearest future here in the east of the country. we all feel the noise and anti government rally in the southeastern city into the pit that asked what is driving the protests that no the people. in the union address. we show them every day the delay is that the trial. cultural differences in these countries. generally they imply that. we need protection. and this is the right
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going down the country. they did a great deal that and the police now is just. just below the story of. and the only way for us to claim protection. and we have gathered today for rallies in the name and number numerous meetings. one of these groups and these were for western liberals don't go there with her. effectively the middle of the historic before the election we need to have people restored. isn't it a miss of the nation's most kids taking a fully justified as russian citizens in russian language because faced a real threat from radical ultra nationalists in ukraine was good considering the potential deployment of its ministry to keep the peace in crime is falling a plea from a can of course he's off to key government buildings were attacked while on that now with the microscope. jason is very serious and even dangerous in the economist republic of crimea more than hopkins population is ethnic russians and the fourth ward off attacks from radical groups
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that came to power ups as a result of last week's two now the russian president lex records and has addressed the parliament house in support of potential boutique outlets now listen to what to say. because of the extraordinary situation in ukraine which represents a threat to the lines of russian citizens. our compatriots and a contingent of russian armed forces that kate is in the autonomous republic of crimea. according to an international treaty as stated in the constitution of the russian federation. why else the upper house of online for permission to use all forces in ukraine until the situation is stabilized the federation council unanimously approved the move that was specifically retreated back to the centers and the presidential spokesman. that's the deployment was optional depending on the severity of the threats to the russian nationals living in the crimea and the south east terrace result. ukraine is sending kids to iraq
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the president likes to react promptly. in case all infiltration of radical groups into those tight trees at the rock attacks on nationalistic radicals on the crutches or in a bout of soul continues to move to the ones that take place on the first of march in the crimea is happy to see that all white. the ny crummy refuses to recognize the duty to thinking about why it appealed to russia for help the below website to find historical background of the event it was separated from russia like the majority of the population was three to two of the telkom full analysis. russia sending troops to the tush off international was all this was an obama said moscow was breaching international and could end up isolated. canada joined in by condemning introduces me to treat it eventually but for them plus britain from two decided to suspend preparations for the g eight summit in salty
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these foreign policy chief weight and the corn russia's potential use of force and a british colleague says that there's no excuse for outside retreated to mention all this despite most are still haven't decided whether to send it in the troops will garbage time as mole was probably the strongest threat secretary kerry threatening to isolate russia economically and politically he's like an acid resistant these events he said russia may not remain the g eight deal with threats and there was chris is a lesson. it's really nineteenth century behavior in the twenty first century and there is no way to start with. you just don't invade another country on phony pre tax. in order to assert your interest will be interviewing never asked and what about iraq. what about constant threats to use force coming from washington. even though secretary kerry has not received those question basically cross the minds of those who saw the interview
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since when does the united states government change and even the subscribe and friends and family the concepts of solvency and over winter. it's the best clean up the nets at the moment succeeded with the backing militants with a border crossings in the north and east of the country thinking to admit its media assets leading to remain tight jeans. we're all basically didn't do that when they attacked serbia because fundamentally strong mexican artist co stars in the unilateral declaration of independence the united states government. it pays lip service to soften the contents of real integrity. it kicks into this during this sunday and his secretary kerry was also asked about israel about pregnancy and apple's upcoming visit to mt the peace process. of course on those issues would hurt a very different secretary kerry careful diplomatic calling for negotiations. no appeals to the wind charter
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not to worry about israel breaking international on the us supporting it. to get a sense that the us is appealing to the un charter when it's in its interests foreign policy analysts were not supposed to already told me that washington's stance on sovereignty and independence is confusing at best. even if we decide if i missed out on washington david granada and its effects of sitting on some of the u s citizens there. i'm in washington that britain is possible for what we see happening here in washington because of their lives and confidante for the united states to threaten brush dough with sanctions that isolation is one of these days they cannot wait to meet the one that wants him to the bus accidents on itself so if you are not getting along with it could've been orchestrated by the last of which is what is man enough to regime change to coat then
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you feel for your well being and brush and brushed it does not extend itself to its allies to citizens that my art made with dan russell is credibility as a target that that is built upon. wool from the authorities will skew mosque and to help them be the old ukrainian nationalist group like sector has reached out for help to one of the world's most notorious terrorists. the social network eels to the mono to step up attacks against russian model was the leader of the chechen islamist movement and an international basically brushes as all of them up. here is the most among the several deadly attacks on civilians in russia including the homes of most intimate of an airport and the mantra system which the lives of hundreds of people. he was to create an islamic state in southern russia ruled by shar real. as for ministry responded to this appeal to the judge medicine by pointing out the radical nature of many of those now in power in ukraine these are the ukraine us to this claimed his page where the message is crystal light
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of the impact. they whispered to generous neil clarke and he says that such an appeal will be in line with the anti russian attitude of right wing groups than in ukraine speaking at the nineteen nineties unit we had a lot of ukrainian hardcore neo nazis coming out to check into fights in the so called low percentages of from russia to do with baby sling for the last twenty years or so between the months to the hardcore right extremist factions in ukraine and the ease that was causing checking that a radical islamist courts. so this is an alliance that goes back quite a long way baby and of course because of that stretch this to my speech is the new conservatives in the west. what unites neoconservatives in the west that we get ready neo nazis in radicalism subject is of course the hatred for russia they would do anything out of extreme to get to russia but the basic reading crisis has he considered that reminded once again to the backs of the evil that threatens to cats russia that combines you considered using walk into the briton. i think ross elsewhere when roddick will be on nazis in ukraine
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and radicalism is to check if the treaty is a kind of alliance is targeting russia and the suggestive reminded me that i did think i ended my second year that denying that tenth of march saying its website was hacked. is this some kind of damage control now. oh absolutely i think that it's become rather embarrassing photo for the west region is the fact is that they use if i like to get that people in power in kiev. now these two statements coming out of extremists and that i'd be good to see them in complete denial. i don't think that the right seconds going to sibu for it. i tell from this now but it's old i think we know that they thought of that. the two chechen radicals we know that that they are radical far right neo group. and now they're trying to sue the city was abandoned in the website was hacked. he doesn't walk unafraid i think we know these extremists and that is the case that everybody to see this going to rush an obsession. from the westerly
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is costing the goal here is buried anger c cooper but who knows war perhaps until at the west to reach all this and that at the gop's anti russian objections neoconservative into its possession and russia demonizing but i'm afraid will begin to get more chaos in the next few weeks of moms it is not just beat the tories chechen terrorists that the nationalists in ukraine have appealed for help to russian border guards detained activists who took part in riots in the ukrainian capital. he claims there were many foreigners fighting old kid streets. don't any of those that often didn't get much use as there were many foreigners might dampen i can even give you a rough numbers there were about sixty americans who still lack the tools of germans thirty to forty of them. polls and turks too although i'm not sure how many of the americans will by far the most active. the world's emissions from oil and the ukraine. people without jobs without education. they came because they knew who was an achy. you can do anything and no one can stop you there with drugs alcohol
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violence. it attracted them the only key described by the activists is still recognizable in the new regime aunties in the biggest kid takes a look of the dangerous tactics some radicals are using to it said that power. this was supposed to be a step towards a brighter future. i was heading in different direction. what is the black and no one tells us when to bear arms and dwindle. if you didn't give them to us and you would take them away. you want to save my gum. he didn't take away my rifle you want to take away my knowing. you come here and take it. the very same man who happens to be one of the leaders of the group known as the reit sector could be seen supplementing his words with actions that day. typical me and baby off yes that'll gym for the faith that the state handouts. it was as settled in i guess the eulogy and
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when she knew. ricky yesterday but whatever she reads ukraine's internal enemy of all there exists a russian empire in any fool can all be any real true national independence and bring in people. like or the militant arm of the madonna has taken over two floors in his central hotel. aig's credit card and breaking into an occupied room your attention. don't create problems for yourself we know you're inside the ear canal with your arms in the ear this is a simple check of identification. we will get inside one way or the other. don't be afraid this encounter on the phone calls the three day trip hanging nooses and a sign that reads traders of ukraine specify who the traders are in today's ukraine and looking in detail. former officials police russians tues. anyone associated with the former ruling party of regions is doing here is no exception. for those who claim to be peacefully
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demonstrating the democratic reforms. most come. more than one hundred and forty thousand people in ukraine have launched a site in applications with russia the medina cushion of explains that it's a reflection of insecurity being filled bubble of swathes of the population people in ukraine are at the very war is of course there were eight as the air is rolling in ukraine as there's absolutely no clarity of what is happening in the country was can happen in ten years future and that many people in ukraine mostly in the south end and eastern parts are not at all except st and the union leadership has that its demands on their feeling very insecure were because of the act with the rhine to wane hardliners just putting themselves at the court of the appeal and seeking to control the new government may need right now to rush ain't it paints trying to withdraw cash from their bank accounts from atm
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and that's on top of the acts that led to the yen naturally think of ukraine and to use the temporary limits pressures migrations that is just sad that's the number of asylum applications received from ukraine has increased significantly. the number is six as one country to fourteen thousand asylum applications have been received within the past two weeks. alarming decrease local crime means he quickly became clear that the new government in kiev was going to push for policies that would make life more difficult including removing russian as a second official language in the country's regions. europe is to not report the frustration of people in crimea where russia has spoken by the boss majority. the mets in the twenty and are now building a family here on dawn's mother ukrainian what all the robots on his father's side are from russia one of the season that the question for mobile but she claims to have left when her native land which became low priced item was this last
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year when the languages you speak. the more you can land in capri pants. i want my child to be built there and hold them without any restrictions but the new authorities in kyiv for the nationals presents a more interesting. one of the first things they did after storming to bauer was canceled was and is the second official language in regions where the question sneak up the majority causing confusion even more local civil servants. what's reported in the midst of the people who come here a russian speakers. some don't even understand ukrainian not to mention illegal. how can they read and understand documents. surveys indicate that an absolute majority of grainy and speak in russian as their main language. but many are now practically force to be taught in schools attend court or even get medical prescriptions in ukrainian. the patient speaks russian. what should the doctor to get a prescription in ukrainian not only will his last book they'll only aggravate the situation. all the aggravation was just
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watching the north here in the grainy and the best few days now pro russian activists have been gathering in the center of the korean capital. protesting against the new authorities and the offender policies and saying b are ready to protect their national identity everything that is seen as russian in any way is under assault so just by virtue of the need for self defense one can see why crimea and other parts of eastern ukraine are moving ever closer to moscow. as you plans to hold a nationwide early presidential election and we need to bring in a cohesive now decided to hold a referendum on the republic separating from the quaint old together. people are the most part the crimea leave me something to the situation in ukraine is on at an online including crime and the self defense forces to become something of an attraction for locals enjoying their weekend people always referred to as a make the sandwiches wonderful story of a website
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onto dough the dream would caution the swing putting the mass protests in venezuela butts off to the children. off i. to noon the protest in venezuela which left the team did since last month will be the subject of talks between the us to be gentle and the country's representatives activist editing reading of the state's economic worries in a plastic surgeon crawl in your sixties present your local pressuring the two rivals the street our free american diplomats in blaine washington for staking the unrest. the us state department responded in kind we will put him in his wooden houses built calm tortoise the us government stealing the fun. china's for a very long time zone as of the conservative government in colombia. both governments
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have been various ways whether it is by supporting the paramilitaries going into this ammonia or also with us on the government supporting opposition groups was standing on end with this statement for example in this case it appears that carried in which citizens to get up to the opposition a shortened because of the others in their protests. even though it's clear that most of the paintings are on the environment and are seeking comfort dishes but the police. more analysis on the crisis in venezuela is what are some striking images from the recent bombing run is to become a website. also their international pressure was the only reason im wrong to have everything to ever speak of spiritual issues might be one of the key factors to rise dramatically reducing its atomic program plus covering the head for religious reasons by muslim women has caused much control the sea and some european countries. but if ss. there
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is no problem with doing it on a football pitch more one on the phone call. the rise in hate crimes against muslims is proving a major challenge for britain muslim patrols displays of islamic extremism in the daylight mother of a soldier in london of all field bomb and sentiment. now with rigid anti christian group is taking justice into his own hands. i got on the debate was given the voting rights is in a patrol in town the hills and small but neat only listen to chose a new tricycle great calling themselves the recent past have this bond is like holding what they tout christie and two thrones and this child comes complete with the vp who fall through the delivery of the whole thing is almighty. he joins them that they take to the streets in east london we're waiting for. heading down the whitechapel road
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what a ticket to god's rule was that from happening. for the whole of today. could it be just like the spot writes many of them and is the full the bnp or egm. then he gets differentiate themselves from these critics insist they don't want to be a safety seat to finance. i take such is the same way amanda started with anti gay cans to try and go out the mess and he chose to leave england to their skill in southern end is that the creep have already faced the rest were going on to the zoo. problems but anyone above the wind bush demonstrators were carried out the story is told they have to say to open a box to see if it'll be super close the gate into the good thing. not on display at
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the gate to the content that isn't the chills that the tiny east london mosque is being singled out by the crease in the child that could defeat them. the mosque say they feel called to the middle and a wife to patrol content playing by john community relations. our communities and if it was written by his and takes to warn the needs to understand is that none of these groups represent the mainstream community. oh why does society out on london's streets and love is not much simpler to be found here i can. the booklet it's too loud. i'm sorry. me and i'll see if it is it's going to be completely peaceful period which began on an achievement in flat out awful but they often has the potential for trouble. there was wilting is nothing we can do to avoid that topic. yet when they just leave these men to the to her odd spot of serotonin this year and it feels to be
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done with it. some find it that's not what we've been told. since a number as the rest of giddiness and patrols have gone to ground despite the chrissy and patrol activity from the simple child's sake of not taking the dates set that i see london. another international news this time oh well the big anti government protest is in the turkish capital ankara were met by police using tear gas and water cannon demonstrators pelted security forces to stay and help file way of counting the dilemma free. ministers accused of massive corruption of the recording is the most according to the opinion that the sun discussing come to stash away money. imagine those tapes as friends felice of increase security in western china are off to my quilting attack is massacred up to thirty three people the railway station one hundred and forty more with engine. the campground and the staff can we just waited for the train connections. security forces shot dead four of the caucus and captured one suspect are considered to be branded a
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terror act carried out by ethnic separatists. bill the death toll from a form that would open a busy market in nigeria has risen to at least fifty one children are among the victims. number of casualties rises is risking troops find more twenties in the rubble new ones are busy counting of the time but suspicion has fallen on the extremist book overall group which is don't terrorize the country in its attempt to introduce sure you know. you can watch in hd world you were ever you go to a maid she asks for your own tablet to access program schedules on demand video though my name is pete over night to a boil. i enjoyed the us versions available this is your marketplace today research makes the network. i peered years
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and through you and this from gordon series on the seventeen ninety and are watching em. new. i know. ay ay ay. cysts. this is the cost of fuel on sunday the eu and the time to be some kind of things. joining us. coming up tensions as the late pro russian forces tightened their grip on crimea and ukraine's prime minister accused moscow of declaring war on his country condemnation from the west the us secretary of state accuses russia of an incredible act of aggression and threatened very serious repercussions. and nightfall someone like that and yet after another day of demonstrations ukrainians wave international's lacks the protest right chest tightening grip